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High Desert Low Tide (Clutchy Hopkins)

Clutchy and Fatty….High desert crunch meets city life punch for this collaborative project in sound. Instrumental elements of soul, jazz, hip-hop, rock and more resonate throughout the record. Acoustic and electric instrumentation set the tone and in their individual styles; Clutchy and Fatty navigate your journey through psych folk caverns of cactus dust to bloodshot […]

Chinoiseries pt​.​3 (Onra)

Almost 10 years have passed since Onra arrived with the charmingly eccentric Chinoiseries LP. 32 Hip-Hop beats formed the sample-based project – dusty Chinese vinyl hissing and crackling throughout – resulting in an intriguing and spontaneous mix of the producers interest in exploring a newly-discovered style of Music with his love for classic Hip-Hop production. […]

Pine Trees and Casinos (LC Mission)

Some really fresh beats LC Mission archived on tape by Mt Fuji Tapes, the previously covered Japanese record label specializing in Lo-Fi beat tapes. MF009: Pine Trees and Casinos by LC Mission Tracklist: 1. wintertime 02:14 2. penthouse 02:32 3. clear morning 01:57 4. stateline orchestra 02:07 5. dark garage 02:18 6. the product 02:07 7. […]

The B_4 Tape (AFTA-1)

The B_4 Tape is a compilation of previously unreleased instrumentals created between 2004 and 2006. Some of which became songs that were and were not heard. Previously considered lost from my possession, the 21 tracks in this collection are presented thanks to the contribution of Santana Westbrook of Truthseekers Radio whom is responsible for rediscovering […]

Kickinit Alone (Kiefer)

Californian keyboardist & beatmaker Kiefer (birthname Kiefer Shackelford) drops his debut LP. Catch Kiefer crushing the stage NOW in the touring Mndsgn LIVE trio (Ringgo, Swarvy, Kiefer). Kickinit Alone by Kiefer Tracklist: 1. Tubesocks 02:07 2. Evil Eye (feat. Castelluzzo) 02:21 3. 5000 Dollar Check 02:27 4. Butterfly Inside My House 03:14 5. Ghosted 03:53 […]

The Hand Drawn Rhythm Machine (10.4 ROG)

A full length instrumental project by 10.4 ROG – 46 minutes of dope, original music! The Hand Drawn Rhythm Machine by 10.4 ROG tracklist – FRONT END 01 – intro 02 – a bad 1st impression 03 – pen spirals 04 – funk 2 ways: 1 05 – …2 06 – fooboo (spot) 07 – trapped souls […]

Antiphon (Alfa Mist)

Created around a conversation with his brothers, Alfa blends melancholy Jazz harmony with alternative hip-hop and soul. Antiphon by Alfa Mist Tracklist: 1. Keep On 10:47 2. Potential 05:09 3. Errors 10:01 4. Breathe (Feat. Kaya Thomas-Dyke) 07:27 5. 7th October 04:09 6. Kyoki 06:06 7. Nucleus 06:42 8. Brian 02:34

Ode To Delia

With “Ode To Delia” we intend pay tribute to Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. In addition to the sampling aspect, we wanted to incorporate the Radiophonic Workshop’s overall approach towards creating and manipulating sounds. Ode To Delia by Various Artists Created in the late 1950’s, the members Radiophonic workshop crafted beautiful futuristic sounds […]

Headnod Suite (Karriem Riggins)

Karriem Riggins is best known as a jazz drummer and hip- hop producer for artists like Common, Kanye West, The Roots, and Kaytranada, but he doesn’t categorize himself as anything but an artist. Headnod Suite by Karriem Riggins “You don’t have to put yourself in a box…there’s so many different ways to go,” Riggins says. […]

Autonomy (Funky DL)

Funky DL is regarded as one of the most legendary and significant MC and producer to come out of the UK. Now globally known for delivering albums with musical finesse. Autonomy: The 4th Quarter 2 (Instrumentals) by Funky DL Tracklist 1. Autonomic (Instrumental) 04:58 2. Judas (Instrumental) 04:01 3. Slick But No Cigar (Instrumental) 02:43 […]

Stranded (MÖNCH & Packed Rich)

Three delicious little cuts, produced in Munich by Mönch & Packed Rich. Stranded by MÖNCH & Packed Rich Tracklist: 1. Stranded 02:41 2. Cherry Blossoms 03:45 3. Levitate 03:24